The Next Generation

See 20/20 for 2020


When I was a teenager and I heard of the year 2020, it gave me a feeling like I had when watching the film: 2001 A Space Odyssey.
Here we are now at the dawn of 2020, What about the profound feelings the film raised?

In Arthur C. Clarke's novel but not in the film A Space Odyssey, Bowman is traveling through some kind of interstellar switching station which the book refers to as "Grand Central," in which travellers go into a central hub and then are routed to their individual destinations. also depicts a crucial utterance by Bowman when he enters the portal via the monolith; his last statement is
"Oh my God—it's full of stars!"

In our Sky 247/365, it is full of stars. Be Curious.

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 Now more than ever as we are at the dawn of robotisation. It will become a necessity to be aware of our natural innate talents as early as possible. I consult parents on how to nurture  the  energies of the next generation who are  born awake but unfortunately can lose their connection when they enter 'education.' The task is not to steer them in the disadvantaged direction.