skystrology by aka cloudette

An invitation to be consciously aware of the placement of the heavenly bodies in the Sky.

My Soul's Journey from 1963

My name is Claudette, my nickname is Cloudette. Ask any close friend of mine, and they will testify that I am completely obsessed with clouds. I have lived half of my life, more than 30 years, by the planetary positions as stated in a very thick paperback ephemeris. I was under the impression that the information contained within the ephemeris was based on the actual astronomical positions of the Sun and Moon. Whilst spending time under the day and night skies of Egypt I discovered that the ephemeris was not mathematically correct. My eyes and technology verified that and I began my research in 2016.

Looking up

Even though the mathematics was not correct when I begin to visit and learn from the well-known NY Astrologer Lenore Canter, I am grateful that from the age of 19,  I was aware of cosmic energies beyond this Earth plane through my daily acknowledgement of the rhythm of our Sun and Moon. 

In, 2010 I was reunited with my childhood pastime of cloud and star gazing when my fiancé passed away in 2010. Due to his passing, I began to question more and found that the messages of people like Dolores Cannon or Alan Watts resonated with me, I discovered Ubuntu and the Holographic Universe. I began to make major life decisions based on unconditional love and I wrote a metaphysical family and children's book about clouds and overdue baby souls

It was my decision to take care of my mother in a climate  that was good for her health  and in a place that she was longing all her life to see, that  I found my soul home in Egypt on the Red Sea.   It was the daily stargazing into the night sky above the Red Sea in Egypt that ultimately convinced and allowed me to begin my observations of the heavenly bodies as they travelled along the shifting ecliptic path of the 15 constellations. 

After over 3 years of daily research, and less than one year of consulting and teaching  Skystrology to a small group of souls, I also became  confident that I can use Skystrology to  enrich one's soul's journey. My current study and research of biodynamics is also a core part of the energy education I teach my clients.


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Why can a Skystrologer do for me?

A Skystrologer shares and teaches you how to be conscious and how to reconnect to the biodynamic energies that exist all around us but that we are more often than not acknowledging.

What kind of commitment do I need to make?

The shift is real and it is not easy. I have found that if you use the mindset and information that you receive during our consultations it will empower you to connect with the true energies of our universe.

How do we get started?

The first step is to schedule an introductory session.  In that session, we will get an idea of how well we work together and what our next steps should be from there.