Our Next Generation

Lightworkers Healers Starseeds

Our Next Generation

Everything on this website is an invitation to look up. This is an invitation to change your mindset. This is an invitation to reconnect with the biodynamic natural laws and energies of our Earth, our Sun and moon in the same way plants thrive and grow.

My second invitation is to parents and carers to nurture the moments children want to share their  journey/past-life memories.

There is proof that reincarnation is related to our moon's position and interaction with our Sun. 

Cloudette is currently researching and inviting people to share their stories of coincidences, dreams or experiences that might be related to a past-life.


Awaken Souls

Lightworkers Healers Starseeds

Our Next Generation

It is true, once you go through a spiritual awakening,  there is a rare chance that you will go back to 'sleep.' If you are a curious soul, there will be more questions than answers. My first task is to share  how I use Skystrology  in making decisions for the greater good and to help you with  understanding the natural rhythms of a biodynamic life balanced with the cosmic weather.

Lightworkers Healers Starseeds

Lightworkers Healers Starseeds

Lightworkers Healers Starseeds

Allow me to share my why.

When I realised that western astrology was not mathematically correct and that it was more of an expression of personalities that it was not holding spaces for spiritual development, I realised that I had raised my two sons, now 23 and 30,

exclusively under an stagnate 3D view of our world.

 My awakening about such basic concepts like the double-slit experiment, gardening by the moon or the precession of the equinoxes made me realise that I had not prepared my sons to be aware of these facts and the emerging paradigm. 

There are many souls my children's age that "have heard the calling" Because the life of a Light-worker quite often than not, chooses you, early awareness and guidance supports the work Light-workers are here to do. 

Skystrology gives mathematical clues and confidence to the memories of your soul's purpose, you don't need life coaching. The intergalactic energies that were aligned  on the birthdate of the Light-worker are ready to be integrated into your life to serve others. I have found that I can be of assistance in the process.

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